Think You’re Not Target Of Academic Dishonesty? Think Again!

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Academic dishonesty (aka cheating) … Even with newly passed rules and regulations in place, cheating is ever-increasing. We all know it’s a growing problem in higher education, but why?

One answer, online courses. Thanks to online and distance edu. courses, students have a way to earn degrees without ever cracking open a textbook. A quick 15-minute Google search and you’ll find yourself with a plethora of options ranging from test banks to essay mills and the latest offering, groups willing to take a student’s entire online course with a guaranteed A or B for a nominal fee.

The ability to remain anonymous is the key to cheating and it’s something students are exploiting daily. That’s why the Dept. of ED, OIG and regional accreditation organizations like SACSCOC are all requiring random continuous student authentication.

Maybe you’re unsure if you’ve got a cheating problem at your school, perhaps you’re questioning whether moving beyond pins and passwords is necessary for access into your school’s LMS, OR maybe you’re wondering if there’s really a solution out there that can meet all of your needs and keep you in compliance. The answer to these questions is yes and the solution you’ve been searching for is called BioSig-ID!

With just 4-characters BioSig-ID’s power-packed technology can validate a student’s identity in seconds. We take the guesswork out of online authentication and the virtual anonymity out of the classroom by catching cheaters in real time. With our cloud-based solution, only the registered student is granted access to course materials, quizzes, tests and any other data you wish to gate. That means you have the power to know who is accessing your system and when and where they’re logging in from.

Best of all? You maintain compliance, avoid paying costly fines and get to focus on what’s important… teaching.