Don’t Make a Split Second Decision When It Come to Student Authentication.

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Given today’s reality of COVID-19, we’re often forced to make split second decisions without much time to investigate. This is especially true, when it comes to student authentication and cheating prevention. Unfortunately, these decisions have consequences that can affect things like, accreditation compliance, privacy infractions that will lead to petitions and potential liability / legal troubles because of privacy laws.

“I just need something to get me through the semester”… sound familiar? We hear this a lot and have witnessed first-hand what can happen when institutions don’t do their homework when selecting a student authentication solution. Ultimately, putting a band-aid on a leak is only a temporary fix that leads to greater problems down the line.

Accreditation Compliance:

Effective July 1, 2020 The Department of ED handed down new requirements for institutions offering distance or correspondence education. As part of these requirements, institutions must have a means of VERIFYING STUDENT AUTHENTICATION throughout the course to ensure the registered student is the one doing the work. Additionally, these institutions must use student authentication processes that protect STUDENT PRIVACY. (Regs 602.17 (h), 602.17 (g))

Live or remote automated proctoring do not meet these requirements for two reasons:

  1. They only verify identity for a single exam and collect way too much personal data creating privacy infractions. They may also be sharing student data with third parties. These privacy infractions and poor user experiences have motivated over 141,000 students at 110 institutions to sign petitions trying to ban proctoring companies from their campuses. Students at 110 Universities Sign Petitions to Ban These Proctoring Companies
  2. Since proctoring companies only check for cheating during an exam, they miss monitoring students in the other four areas where cheating is occurring. These other areas can contribute more towards the final GPA than single exams and include:
    • Discussion threads
    • Homework assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Paper submissions

FURTHER, in an excellent randomized study, 1,500 students took a proctored exam which led to issues abound, including lower grades from those students who were asked to remote online proctoring: 

It’s easy for students to get outside support to do their work, as access to these assessments is based on passwords that are easily shared. Schools are throwing their money away if they are only using proctoring exams without monitoring the what happens in the rest of the course.  Why leave the door half open to allow students to cheat on activities that account for 50%+ of their total grade? Students are taking advantage of instances like course discussions, quizzes, assessments and paper submissions to get the grades they seek. Our own data after years of research catching 1,000’s of cheaters, points to the fact that 50+% of all cheating we find occurs outside of final or midterm exams.

The Solution?

BioSig-ID™ offers a solution that finds and details where students are cheating throughout the course. We provide BioSig-ID™ for everyday use for student ID verification and stop cheating, since only the rightful / registered student can access the gradable assessment(s). No access = no cheating.

BioSight-ID™ – our remote automated proctoring solution using “Face anonymization” (that creates blurred faces to protect identity) is used for exams to monitor students to determine cheating at a fraction of the costBSI Automated Proctoring Solves Cheating and Privacy Concerns

Both of these solutions are privacy sparing and are integrated within your LMS in about an hour.

Schools are not equipped to create algorithmic historical patterns that zero in on cheating behaviors and then create the support data available to prosecute these students BSI’s Managed Services division does this all day long. Accreditation agencies are used to seeing this data as it shows how you are managing compliance with the regulations.

BioSig-ID is the only solution on the market that checks all the boxes. We’ve opted for a 100% privacy sparring approach to catching cheating students. Our patented biometric password has adjudicated millions of exams, tests, quizzes and paper submissions worldwide so that only the registered student gets access!

If you’re looking for a solution that’s proven effective at catching cheating OR something to add in conjunction with a proctoring solution you may already have in place, consider the world’s only biometric password used for everyday authentication!

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