Hackers Just Broke into Admissions Databases at 3 Colleges. Are You Next?

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News outlets across the country are reporting that last week, at least 3 colleges and potentially one vendor with more than 800 higher-ed clients were potential victims of a cyber-attack that gave unauthorized access to highly sensitive data. The takeaway? Hackers made off with personal admissions data and offered potential students a chance to see his/her admissions file, including comments by admissions officers, assigned ratings, interview notes, teacher recommendations, and a tentative decision.

How did this happen you might ask? Simple. Pins and passwords.

hackers found a way to acquire faculty passwords (most likely through phishing or similar techniques) then used these to complete a password reset to gain access to campus systems and databases. BioSig-ID would have stopped the hackers from obtaining/using faculty passwords since they would not be able to reproduce the faculty members unique pattern used to draw their passwords.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that has been repeated over and over again. Pins and passwords ARE NOT a viable answer and ARE NOT adequate for gating access into personnel or student portals. It’s the very reason why groups like SACSCOC, The Department of ED and the OIG have all abandoned the use of this “security” solution.

Don’t fall victim to data-breaches and cyber-attacks. Kick pins and passwords to the curb and adopt a technology like BioSig-ID that:

  • Is Proven 99.79% effective at keeping imposters out
  • Can be deployed within hours into major LMS systems
  • Is the only solution on the market with the ability to continuously monitor students anywhere, anytime without the use of invasive procedures or tools
  • Provides world-class forensics and compliance reports IN. REAL. TIME.
  • Maintains a 98% positive UX

BioSig-ID is the answer you’ve been looking for. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of users worldwide who use BioSig-ID for their online ID authentication needs!