Introducing The Future of User Authentication

BSI’s core biometric technology, BioSig-ID™ identifies users by capturing their unique movements as they draw a password with their finger or mouse. Our patented biometric technology requires no hardware or software downloads & stops imposters from accessing accounts or devices since only the rightful user can enter the password correctly.

A privacy sparring approach to automated proctoring, we protect student’s information by using face anonymization technology. With our solution, there are no live proctors or intense collection of private data. BioSight-ID™ monitors students to determine and detail cheating by capturing privacy-conscious images through the user’s webcam.

Adding an extra layer of security during enrollment / onboarding, BioProof-ID™ verifies a user’s government issued photo ID for authenticity then matches it to a real-time selfie. If the user is verified, they complete an enrollment with BioSig-ID™ for all subsequent log ins using their biometric password.

Securely lock down any Windows device (desktop, tablet or mobile) and unlock by drawing the BioSig-ID™ password. BioTect-ID™ works online and offline. Handle all your BYOD headaches with our multi-factor solution. Stops sharing of passwords and imposter log in to protect important company or personal files, lists, videos etc.