It’s A New Day And Live Remote Proctoring Needs A Face Lift. Here’s Why:

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Consider for a moment why are we using virtual live proctoring? It’s to maintain academic integrity during exams for remote based courses and it should ensure both privacy and accreditation compliance with student ID verification. However, remote live proctoring does not fit into the model!

Here’s why:

  1. Two Federal Regulations §602.17(g)(2) now require a process to verify student ID and ensure student privacy. AND they removed passwords and proctoring. 2020 Reauthorized Education Act
  2. Budgets are cut, online courses are up and the products you were using before are no longer affordable.
  3. New faculty and students now subjected to remote proctoring are raising serious questions about the privacy, cost and how remote proctoring is creeping them out. (Susan Grajek, Educause, April 10, “Quick Poll Grading and Proctoring” found that cost, privacy, whether proctoring works, lack of faculty buy-in 58%, 51%, 41% and 32% respectively are main challenges with proctoring. Figure 3)
  4. The Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) now has 100’s of pending lawsuits and these have more than doubled between 20018-2019 (, Nov 2019). Add the new California Privacy Act (CCPA) and the European GDPR and imagine what is going to happen when your proctoring companies collect recordings of voice, face, knuckle or typing biometrics, Photo ID… making you the institution, the “Controller” with a direct relationship with students increasingly vulnerable to liability.
  5. Consider the recent study that found a direct link in lowering student’s grades for those who took live remote proctoring? (Statistical difference). Wait till students find this out-get ready for huge backlash! (Virtual Proctoring Receives Failing Grade in Large Randomized Trial)
  6. Your students have choices especially now since the rich experience they seek (and pay for) to be part of the college life experience is not happening. Students are opting out of classes that require Remote-Live Proctoring. Some take grade “0” instead of taking proctoring. It may be enough of a bad experience for them to switch schools.

Here are some recent reviews illustrating how bad things have got with live remote proctoring.

EXAM ANXIETY: HOW REMOTE TEST-PROCTORING IS CREEPING STUDENTS OUT. As schools go remote, so do tests and so does surveillance. The Verge  Apr 29, 2020, –

ProctorTrack is Absolutely Abysmal. “If Rutgers can acknowledge the problems with ProctorTrack,  as its own remote assessment guidelines state why should ProctorTrack ever be allowed?” Apr 29, 2020, –

VIRTUAL PROCTORING RECEIVES FAILING GRADE IN LIVE VIRTUAL PROCTORING TRIAL. Evidence-based trial showing significant user issues responsible for lowered grades. Use of Resources and Method of Proctoring During the NBCRNA Continued Professional Certification Assessment: Analysis of Outcomes. Dennis Spence, Ph.D. et al, Vol 10, Issue 3 – 

Public letter to UC Santa Barbara chancellors, from faculty association. “We are extremely concerned about these policies as they violate the rights of our students often without their knowledge and understanding” (excerpted from Washington Post – ProctorU regularly collects and can disclose to third parties, social security numbers; driver’s license; activity patterns, fingerprints, faceprints, voiceprints, iris or retina scans; browsing history, search history, and information about students’ interactions with websites, applications, or advertisements; video, and audio recordings March 13, 2020, –

So, what can be done? We know students are less likely to cheat when they are being watched by a remote proctor. Would you attempt to cheat when the school has evidence on video that you cheated? Of course not.  Where the real cheating takes place is throughout the course at quizzes, tests, discussion threads where there is no barrier for getting someone else to do your work.  Just give them your password and your school suspects nothing.

It is too easy. You can pay people in different countries to do your work since schools are not equipped to look at the IP addresses and a slew of other student ID verification metrics that can identify work for hire in a flash. University of New South Wales started looking at these patterns and found a 2000% increase in verifiable cheating. 

The answer to eliminating cheating is to verify student ID before they can access ANY gradable assessment, not just an exam. The federal Dept of Education knows cheating is going on and they want you to stop it. That’s why you are REQUIRED to have a system in place to perform student ID verification for accreditation.

If you want a non-invasive way to curtail cheating, provide privacy and ensure accreditation for less cost, you want to evaluate these options:

The NEW Reality

BioSig-ID for student ID verification + NEW BioSight-ID for proctoring


BioSig-ID (4-character biometric password)

  • Student ID authentication solution uses gesture biometrics to draw a password with a finger or mouse in a unique pattern.
  • Stops cheating by preventing access to all but the registered student who draws their correct “patterns” that matches their initial template.
  • Proven ID verification for millions of exams, tests, allowing access to only the registered student at login and in front of any conditional release.
  • According to BIPA Privacy Act, BioSig-ID is not a biometric identifier that is subject to the same liability as “physical” biometrics.
  • AI forensics identified 1,000’s of cheating students. We help you build the case.
  • 98% positive 1st-time user experience.
  • Ensures privacy, stops cheating, accreditation compliant at a fraction of the cost.
  • Read this: Have You Heard About The Only Biometric You Can Draw?

AND introducing BioSight-ID – “Privacy Sparing, Less Invasive Proctoring”:

  • Webcam based using a novel approach to blurring faces to ensure privacy
  • Establishes infractions by monitoring the presence and # of faces
  • AI captures Infractions detailing events with real-time event notifications
  • Integrated with LMS, available 24/7, for all types of exams,
  • Use this non-invasive proctoring LITE tool for a fraction of the cost – New Virtual Proctorless Solution-BioSight-ID Replaces Live Remote Proctors

The powerful combination of BioSig-ID to verify student ID before access to gradable assessments and our NEW BioSight-ID, privacy sparing proctoring solution is all you need to stop cheating and provide accreditation.   

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