Making A Move To Online Classes? Here’s One Thing You Should Know:

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In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), it’s likely that your institution is moving your live classes online for the foreseeable future. For many institutions, moving to online courses is unchartered territory creating a sudden wave of panic, concern and leaving many wondering “where do we even begin”.

As if you weren’t already dealing with enough, your institution must now also consider student authentication. Cheating in online classes is rampant. The Dept of Education has made it clear, that any school offering online courses MUST authenticate their students throughout a course to ensure only the registered student is doing all the course work AND also do so in such a way that their privacy remains intact.

While you may be looking at several options, it’s time to consider BioSig-ID.  Our next-generation solution succeeds where the others have failed us.

BioSig-ID blends amazing biometric technology with the password format students are comfortable with.  The simple change to DRAWING a password is 11.3M more secure than a 9 character typed password! It’s very natural and first-time users had a 98% positive experience.

Students create/draw a 4 character password, using only a finger or mouse.  Metrics of speed, direction, length height, width, etc. are captured and stored in an encrypted database. Upon login, this profile is compared and only the “real” student gains access to any gradable event. This patented biometric is exploding in the online authentication space.

Username and passwords cannot protect against impostor access and cheating/fraud –  With BioSig-ID even if a password is shared, the “cheating” student must draw the patterns of the original student. Impostor login is prevented.

Virtual Proctoring has also been rendered ineffective – Virtual proctoring only picks up data points at the time of a one-hour exam which is 1-2% of the total course. Most of our clients have reduced or eliminated virtual proctoring because it cannot provide continuous authentication so no telling who is taking all the other assessments that are not proctored. Collection/recording of user’s data and biometric images can compromise privacy. BioSig-ID’s continuous ID authentication and forensics solution works 24/7 without compromising your institution’s assessment integrity.

Contract cheating in online courses has become very common – BioSig-ID prevents impostor login and sharing of passwords – one of the biggest ways cheating occurs in online courses. BioSig-ID can be deployed in as little as 60 minutes and can be used throughout the course as a means of authentication before any gradable assessment (conditional release).

Your faculty doesn’t have time to police cheating – A recent finding from a large university (UNSW) found two-thirds of academic staff suspect cases of cheating but fail to report these suspicions because they don’t have enough evidence to prove cheating occurred.  BioSig-ID technology using machine learning and AI capabilities detect and detail human and non-human patterns of activity. We capture the data points and activities that can help pinpoint atypical behaviors and provide detailed evidence of cheating. We capture 100’s of students each month engaging in suspicious behavior. There are some very smart cheaters so we have to constantly find new patterns because that’s what we do (see New Hotbed for Academic Cheating Springs up in one of the most unlikely places!)

We know that academic dishonesty jeopardizes both students and schools. Thousands of students go online daily seeking academic relief and the huge underground economy offers any academic service a student could want for a fee. It’s easy to cheat since most access is done with a typed password that is easily shared. Lock down browsers and virtual proctoring in addition to being hacked have not kept up with the times and do not address current student identity requirements. We provide institutions with the right tools using our state of the art technology. With BioSig-ID you can stay in compliance and focu on more important things like delivering a quality education!

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