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Biometric Signature ID™, a cyber security company that specializes in software biometrics only, is now certified on the Federal Government’s General Service Administration. Our award-winning Authentication Software is now available on GSA Advantage!®.

BioSig-ID™, a patented solution, provides multi-factor authentication with biometric stopping power. This dynamic gesture biometric relies on the movements of a user as they write a unique 4 character password using just a finger or mouse. No software downloads or special hardware required.

Keep your data and records safe by writing your password with BioSig-ID™.

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BioSig-ID™ is a patented biometric identity authentication solution that keeps your data and records safe. This breakthrough technology requires no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users with a four-character password. Using just a finger or mouse on any device, users write their own password on a drawing area that appears at log in. Their distinct attributes such as angle, speed, length, width, and order are collected and analyzed. Future logins are compared to this template, and only the legitimate users who match are given access.

BioSig-ID™ blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable with. The simple change from typing to capturing your movements (gestures) takes the password from no-security to a technology that is one of the strongest in the world. Optional suite of forensic and reporting tools provides real-time warning of potential data crimes in progress.

BioTect-ID™ keeps your records, and data safe by preventing unauthorized access to Windows workstations, tablets and laptops. Powered by BioSig-ID™ technology, BioTect-ID™ locks down device access by replacing the device’s native lock screen. BioTect-ID™ only grants access to the device after a successful authentication. Identity credentials can be stored locally, should the device be temporarily used offline. Once back online, the password template is updated. Original enrollment has to be while connected to the Internet. Use cases include, securing employees access to corporate/government tablets and workstations. Using the SaaS style configuration allows administration to monitor and change device access ability and reset passwords.

Optional forensic audit trails show illicit attempts to gain access to the devices. This configuration also allows for direct access by administrators allowing for easy re-provisioning for users.

Authenticates the identity of the person who is signing by comparing their signature to a template. Other electronic signatures do not guarantee “Who” is signing the document, just that a document was signed by someone. This falls short of effectiveness as a legal document. BioName-ID fills this gap with a high level of biometric accuracy using a person’s legal signature.  Usually used with a stylus. BioName-ID™ can assure recipients that the intended person has added a legally binding signature.

Relying on the core power of BioSig-ID™ to authenticate signatures, BioName-ID™ compares signatures to a pre-existing signature template. BioName-ID™ reduces fraud and streamlines the process of signing documents virtually and can be used anywhere online for transactions that require a signature as proof of identity. This technology is a natural for a host of applications including financial, legal, healthcare and Ecommerce.

BioSight-ID™ technology monitors users through a web cam and records all activity to eliminate cheating and fraud when taking exams. Avoids the issues with user privacy and discrimination. An ideal deter-and-detect solution, BioSight-ID™ does not require live or remote proctors does not need to be scheduled and is technology driven. Used with BioSig-ID at the front to authenticate user identity before users can access the test or exam. Captured video of the user’s face and workspace are blurred, and all recorded audio becomes a graph. Recordings are reviewed and ranked by the system. The instructor then has access to review the blurred recordings on the BioSight-ID™ dashboard for final deliberation of students with most infractions caught.

BioProof-ID™ verifies an individual’s legal identity at the time of enrollment with BioSig-ID™. It provides increased assurance the user is who they claim to be.

The user starts the process of enrollment with BioSig-ID and before they can complete, they are sent a link or a QR code on their smartphone. Users are prompted to photograph both sides of a government issued ID. After the document integrity checks are verified, users move to the selfie for ID comparison. If a match, the user continues with the final enrollment with BioSig-ID™.

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