Real time selfie is compared to photo ID If documents and selfie pass BioSig-ID™
authentication is completed
Photos of driver’s license or passport
verified for authenticity


Real time selfie is compared to photo ID If documents and selfie pass BioSig-ID™
authentication is completed
Photos of driver’s license or passport
verified for authenticity

BioProof-ID™ is an entirely new solution to authenticating identity online. It verifies an individual’s real world identity at the same time they enroll in BioSig-ID™ and create a password. This links the biometric to a real person. It provides very high assurance the user is who they say they are.



The process takes only a couple of minutes and allows no break in authentication through the creation of the biometric.

  • Users start the process by clicking a QR code sent to phone or email
  • The link opens an authentication layer that sits in front of BioSig-ID™ password creation
  • User photographs both sides of government-issue photo ID using mobile
  • User snaps a real time selfie and uploads the images
  • Document data is checked for validity
  • Selfie is compared to the picture on the ID
  • Both forms of ID must match before user can proceed directly to password creation

When your network demands the highest level of verification, you need BioProof-ID™.

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How it Works

BioProof-ID™ is entirely cloud based, requires no hardware, and is intended for any organization which requires a higher level of identity assurance before allowing users to access services, such as healthcare providers, educational institutions, and financial and banking entities. Most exciting of all, BioProof-ID™ has the potential to replace many face to face encounters, saving money and resources.

Use BioProof-ID™ to:

  • Authenticate users to a high degree of certainty
  • Protect sensitive digital records and accounts
  • Ensure secure logon to access services
  • Provide end-to-end assurance of identity throughout the user life cycle

BioProof-ID™ is powered by BioSig-ID™ technology which uses dynamic gesture biometrics to enable the creation of a unique biometric password, drawn by the user using just a finger or mouse. Biometrics such as the length, speed, direction, angle and height of each stroke are collected by the software to create the user’s unique biometric profile. This password is virtually impossible to replicate by imposters, even if they know the password.

Biometric Multi-factor Authentication

The World’s Only Biometric Password

  • No hardware or software downloads
  • Authenticates by capturing unique movements (gestures) as users draw a password with finger or mouse
  • Only the registered user gain access to any online activity
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BioSig-ID™ Customer Reviews

With BSI’s technology and forensics data we have been able to successfully defend our legal cases 100% of the time.

Anonymous BSI customer

Reliable and adaptable

Our school has used BioSig-ID™ since before I came along six years ago, but I have been the campus liaison for our students during my tenure. The analytics offered to assist in securing the integrity of our online campus are phenomenal and their customer service is superb. The product is reliable and adaptable. In a previous job I administered a biometric security system and I would have loved it if that system had been as solid as BioSig-ID™.

Melina Baker

campus liaison

Best decision we could have made

At Belhaven University we started our relationship by including managed services. I have to say it was the best decision we could have made. Biometric Signature ID™ has provided us with deep dive insights into the data and given us confidence in closing the loop on those who have suspicious activity on their accounts.Honestly, without their help we would be floundering in making sense of the data. I can recommend managed services from BioSig-ID­™ without reservation.

Dr. Rick Upchurch

Adult, Graduate, & Online Studies - Belhaven University

Forensic Reporting tools has transformed the way we are able to combat suspicious behavior

Collaborating with BioSig-ID™ and using their Forensic Reporting tools has enabled Arkansas State University to quickly and seamlessly identify violations of academic integrity and really transform the way we are able to combat suspicious behavior. With ease of access to data reports that contains IP conflicts, comprehensive data analytics on biometric inaccuracies, etc. A-State has been able to actively work on identifying policies to address academic dishonesty in the online environment.

Chris Boothman

Director of A-State Online - Arkansas State University

We appreciate BioSig-ID™ and our partnership

“We appreciate BioSig-ID™ and our partnership with BSI for many reasons; however, two are paramount. First, the student identity validation processes allow us to have peace of mind that our students complete their own work. Second, we greatly appreciate the partnership between ACE and BSI when issues arise. Specifically, David Chatham and BSI’s Forensic Reporting provides real-time guidance and analysis in integrity concerns and acts as a partner as we develop processes and policies.”

Stephanie Hinshaw, Ed.D., M.B.A.

Chief Academic Officer & Provost - American College of Education

Product is easy to implement

Product is easy to implement. The support needs for students and instructors has been very limited. The team at Biometric Signature are always quick to respond and open to hear feedback for improving products. They also are ready to share resources and ideas to make implementation more successful.

Dr. Kimberly Harris, eLearning Coordinator, NEMCC

Good and positive results

We had good and positive results…students had no problems utilizing BioSig-ID™ to complete their assignments. I applaud your company’s personal service – some of the best customer service I have experienced.

Tony Cleaver, Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary

Worked very closely with us

Biometric Signature ID™ worked very closely with us to customize the software for our learning management system, and the robust reporting tools allow us to track usage, validations, and even any invalidation’s that might occur.

Dr. Charles Nwankwo, SOWELA Technical Community College

Does not require hardware

BioSig-ID™ does not require students to purchase hardware or software which was important to our students. An additional benefit is the extensive reporting tool to uncover suspicious behaviors that can identify possible academic dishonesty.

Dr. Dana L. Watson, Central Texas College

It’s a significant

It’s a significant leap forward not only in security, but in the ease of use and customer acceptance… an especially exciting breakthrough for community banks and credit unions.

Tuck Ackerman, Pinnacle Financial Strategies