Use your finger or mouse on any
Deep analytic forensic tools
catch identity thieves
Secure password login to your


Use your finger or mouse on any
Deep analytic forensic tools
catch identity thieves
Secure password login to your

BioSig-ID™ is a biometric identity authentication solution that requires no hardware or downloads.

It authenticates users by capturing their unique movements (gestures) as they draw a password with their finger or mouse. Just four drawn characters are enough to biometrically identify legitimate users and stop imposters.

BioSig-ID plugs your single most vulnerable point of entry. It blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable with.

The simple change from typing to drawing takes the password from no-security to a technology that is one of the strongest in the world. Unlike other biometrics, it can be reset and revoked.



Without hardware or downloads, BioSig-ID gives you biometric stopping power

  • Gate access to any content with pinpoint control
  • Multi-factor authentication and multi-layer
  • Forensics and anti-fraud tools
  • Stop shared and stolen passwords
  • Protect high value transactions
  • Complements existing SSO

Proven Effectiveness

Third-party testing performed by the Tolly Group and user surveys rated BioSig-ID™

  • 99.97% protection against imposters
  • 100% of users surveyed were able to enroll
  • 98% of users found BioSig-ID easy to use
  • In 10,000 test attempts, no user got past BioSig-ID even though they were given the password
  • 96% of users believed it impossible to break into another’s password
  • 46% of users found it “entertaining”

How it Works

  • The software measures the unique way every user moves their mouse, finger or stylus when they log in with their biometric password. Biometric identifiers such as the length, speed, direction, angle and height of each stroke are collected by the software to create the user’s unique biometric profile. In seconds, after drawing only 4 characters, BioSig-ID™ software establishes whether the user who registered is the same person trying to access the account.
  • The password is instantly compared against the previously created enrollment profile and access is only granted if they match. BioSig-ID is so intelligent it discerns variations in drawing style by the user so it is not necessary to draw in the same area with the exact same size. BioSig-ID is smart. With every use BioSig-ID learns, getting even more accurate.
  • The software comes with a robust suite of tools and an audit trail that captures all the activity surrounding the authentication event, providing an acute forensic tool to help determine risks/patterns of fraud. BioSig-ID can be used from any device: mobile, tablet and PC that runs HTML5 or Flash.
  • BioSig-ID™is by itself multi-factor and multi-layer, so it does not require the use of another vendor or factor. Multi-factor authentication uses a combination of two of the following factors, either “something you know,” (your secret password is “something you know”), “something you are,” (actually drawing the password is “something you are”) and/or “something you have,” (combined with our out of band SMS/QR code also creates another factor “something you have”).
  • All networks will eventually move to multi-factor authentication. BioSig-ID’s elegant combination of gesture biometric with password knowledge gives you freedom from other multi-factor solutions that require hardware, fobs, keys, tokens and require admins to handle password storage and management.

Unlimited Options

BioSig-ID doesn’t make irritating demands. Pick any four characters. Write backwards, use multiple lines, draw on top of each other, change the order, direction, language. It’s how you write that counts.

Biometric Multi-factor Authentication

Draw it, don’t type it

  • No hardware or software downloads
  • Authenticates by capturing unique movements (gestures) as users draw a password with finger or mouse
  • Stops fraud by preventing stolen or shared passwords – can’t be duplicated or engineered
  • Even if an imposter learns the password they can’t duplicate how it’s drawn
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BioSig-ID Customer Reviews

Product is easy to implement

Product is easy to implement. The support needs for students and instructors has been very limited. The team at Biometric Signature are always quick to respond and open to hear feedback for improving products. They also are ready to share resources and ideas to make implementation more successful.

Dr. Kimberly Harris, eLearning Coordinator, NMECC

Good and positive results

We had good and positive results…students had no problems utilizing BioSig-ID to complete their assignments. I applaud your company’s personal service – some of the best customer service I have experienced.

Tony Cleaver, Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary

Worked very closely with us

Biometric Signature ID worked very closely with us to customize the software for our learning management system, and the robust reporting tools allow us to track usage, validations, and even any invalidations that might occur.

Dr. Charles Nwankwo, SOWELA Technical Community College

Does not require hardware

BioSig-ID does not require students to purchase hardware or software which was important to our students. An additional benefit is the extensive reporting tool to uncover suspicious behaviors that can identify possible academic dishonesty.

Dr. Dana L. Watson, Central Texas College

It’s a significant

It’s a significant leap forward not only in security, but in the ease of use and customer acceptance… an especially exciting breakthrough for community banks and credit unions.

Tuck Ackerman, Pinnacle Financial Strategies

Working with BioSig-ID

Working with BioSig-ID exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had with an IT solution provider in my professional career. They’ve provided us with excellent support and services and were engaged all the time when we had questions or issues.

Bogdan Skof, DOBA

I was very impressed

I was very impressed with the staff at BSI. It was refreshing to find a company that believed in their product so whole heartedly, and wanted you to believe as well…I can honestly say they offered me one of the most solid customer support experiences.

Michael Spellman, Mohegan Tribe