BSI™ named top 10 Fraud Solution Provider by GRC

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Biometric Signature ID (BSI) was named by GRC Outlook as a 2022 Top 10 Fraud Management Solution Provider which was published in the April 2022 issue. GRC Outlook magazine highlights the latest trends and technologies in multiple disciplines, including enterprise risk management, internal audit, and more.

The company’s flagship solution “BioSig-ID can be used on any device using HTML. Using just a finger or mouse, your unique writing pattern eliminates impostor login and sharing of passwords that prevents fraud and cheating. 98% of first-time users have a positive experience while 48% find it entertaining to use” states Jeff Maynard, Founder & CEO, Biometric Signature ID.

BSI has developed several security solutions centered around BioSig-ID that have been designed specifically for various use cases. One unique feature of BSI’s products is that no personal identifiable information is ever captured as part of the authentication process. The use of technologies like face recognition have become toxic and creates identity errors in up to 35% of people. BioSig-ID only collects a behavior, making it easier to use and one of the least invasive biometric approaches to delivering true identity authentication.

One notable feature of BioSig-ID is its adjustable accuracy levels that balance usability with security. BioSig-ID’s accuracy is rated 300% beyond NIST biometric standards so adjusting levels does not mean compromising security. With its ability to be used across a multitude of industries and use cases, BSI’s products prevent fraud, secure employee networks, secure customer-facing operations, and allow companies the flexibility to fulfill multiple goals at once.