Top 20 Education Tech Provider List Includes BSI

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A distinguished panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIO Review editorial board selected the top 20 most promising education tech services providers for 2014 and named Biometric Signature ID to the list.

The committee reviewed over thousand companies and its inclusion of Biometric Signature ID affirms its technology BioSig-ID, a gesture biometric authentication solution that provides strong student identity verification.

The top 20 education tech providers are drawn from a variety of disciplines but all focus on enabling a smooth online learning experience. Schools with distance learning programs are uniquely vulnerable to online fraud because of the anonymity of the internet.

Because username and password combinations are easily defeated by criminals, education tech security tools are vitally important to prevent academic dishonesty and detect financial aid fraud. Because it is not possibly to know exactly who types a password, schools and their learning management systems that continue to rely on single sign on (SSO) methods will remain blindfolded as to the exact identity of the individuals accessing online content.

The Office of Inspector General has pursued stringent new rules about student identity authentication, largely as a response to rampant financial aid fraud. Student identity verification solutions that go beyond the standard username and password are now required. Schools must now go beyond the single sign on to ensure their students are who they say they are. Schools must also pass yearly audits where identity processes and methods of verification are reviewed. Even accreditation can be affected if schools fail to comply and upgrade their systems.

As one of the top education tech providers of 2014, Biometric Signature ID was recognized for innovative technology. BioSig-ID offers an affordable, easily implemented solution to the problem online schools face in defending against identity fraud. The no-hardware solution easily integrates with most LMS and can also be used to gate access to courses, quizzes and tests. It will even perform randomized identity checks with a course interrupt feature that can be set at any point in the course session. Education tech professionals exposed to BioSig-ID quickly realize its innovative response to what has been an intractable identity problem.