Biosig-ID In Security Management Magazine Article On Distance Learning Id Verification

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Biometric Signature ID’s BioSig-ID product is profiled in Security Management magazine online in an article called Passing the Biometrics Test that looks at the experience of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) in northeast Ohio with six campuses. The school needed a solution for online student verification after assistant dean for e-learning and innovation Charles Dull considered “new federal regulations that would require colleges to do more for student verification than use logins and passwords for online interactions. “I had been reading government reports that were talking about student authentication becoming a requirement for compliance,” Dull explains. “And the rule coming out of the Department of Education was that students’ login and password weren’t sufficient to meet the standards for authenticating a student’s identity.

With these concerns in mind, Tri-C decided it needed a new way to verify students from their first interaction on­line with the college. In 2012, a group of faculty members at a conference discovered a biometric signature product called BioSig-ID. It works by having users handwrite letters or numbers in a confined space by using their finger, mouse, or stylus three times. BioSig-ID then measures the length, angle, speed, height, and number of strokes used to make each character and stores the information in an encrypted database.”

Read the results of their test of the product in the article in full here: