Biosig-ID Featured In Dec ’14 Issue Of Security Letter

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BioSig-Id is mentioned in “INNOVATIVE BIOMETRIC SYSTEM OFFERS HIGH AUTHENTICITY” by author Robert D. McCrie, Professor of Security Management at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice -The City University of New York (CUNY). He is ranked as “25 Most Influential Security Executives.”

In the article McCrie says:

“A new system gaining attention is Biometric (dynamic) Signature ID. The user authentication solution is beguilingly simple. Like all systems, the authorized user has to be registered first. That requires someone to write four letters, numbers, or symbols of one’s own choosing into a format. That’s all. Than repeat the four characters to gain access. Independent research showed that 98% of enrollees in BioSig-ID found the system easy to use. This gives new secure flexibility for BYOD use. The system can be tried easily and free of charge. Perhaps a lucky reader will spoof the system and win a prize. (Not likely.) Instead of four letters or numbers, only three are needed.