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Biometric authentication without any extra hardware

Colleges have embraced Biometric Signature ID

24 March, 2014

By Zack Martin

When it comes to online authentication the goal is to make it easy, secure and inexpensive. The expense can often be tied to adding hardware or software that the consumer uses, so that in a perfect world, nothing else would be required.

Biometric Signature ID is going this route, offering an authentication service that can be done with only a mouse or track pad. Users enroll by drawing numbers or characters into boxes using either their mouse or track pad. There’s an additional enrollment factor that’s captured as well where users click an on-screen keyboard to enter a password.

BioSig-ID assesses the passcode’s pattern of length, angle, speed, height and number of strokes, storing the information in an encrypted database. By comparing this data to the data collected by the user’s subsequent logins, BioSig-ID confirms that the person who registered is the same person trying to access service. Only the same user who successfully authenticates against a previously created enrollment profile can proceed.

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