BSI CEO Jeff Maynard Selected as Subject Matter Expert International Security Magazine

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In the June 2013 issue of A & S International in the article, Understanding the Best Usage of Biometrics, writer Christine Chen has presented the most up to date and concise information on biometric product information, quoting three high level security executives. While written for technology professionals, this article offers a comparison chart of common forms of biometrics even a layman could understand and should because these products affect all of our everyday lives. Fingerprint, iris, face and vein recognition, or a combination of one or more of these products, are currently the standard for most high security settings.  It quotes Biometric Signature ID CEO Jeff Maynard. “The use of multifactor authentication including the use of biometrics is being mandated by the Congress for most of the agencies. Commercial institutions are following suit, as they too, want higher security protection for their clients who are demanding it – due to concerns about internet identity theft,” said Maynard.

“… gesture recognition is ‘measuring the unique way a user moves their mouse, finger or stylus (speed, direction, length, width, angle, height) when they log in, and it creates a unique pattern which becomes your password. We can identify who a user is at log in when we compare the9ir pattern to that pattern stored in our encrypted database. . . it can be incorporated with other single factor security like tokens, cards, pins and passwords to provide multifactor authentication’,” said Maynard.

“As the world becomes virtual and more and more applications are done online, we need to put the trust back into the internet with a secure identity verification system. This new system must move beyond pins and password to incorporate multi-factor authentication,” said Maynard.