Biometric Signature ID Becomes Ping Identity Partner

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Biometric Signature ID announced that it has become an approved Ping Identity technology alliance partner offering its patented BioSig-ID™ gesture biometrics to Ping clients. The integration of the BioSig-ID award winning software into Ping’s popular PingFederate SSO software service will enable secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) using gesture biometrics. With over 5M uses from 70 countries and all states, BioSig-ID technology is fast becoming the de facto standard of multifactor security in many market sectors.

In the past, guarding of online access and information like corporate records using biometrics has proven troublesome due to hardware and distribution requirements. With BioSig-ID the biometric reader is entirely software based and resides in the cloud. Users do not require special hardware or software downloads. This virtual reader accessed via the Internet makes identity verification instantly and universally available. Identification is accomplished by having users hand write four letters or numbers within a confined space on a webpage by moving their mouse, stylus or dragging their finger across their smartphone screen. The software assesses the unique pattern of length, angle, speed, height, number of strokes and stores the information in an encrypted database. This data is compared to patterns collected by the user’s subsequent logins, confirming that the person who registered is the same person trying to access the account. Access is from any mobile device or PC.

Ping clients will now have access to the BioSig-ID suite of products including the web based app, device lock down and mobile apps. The software comes complete with a robust audit trail that captures the activity surrounding the authentication event, providing an acute forensic tool to combat fraud and meet compliance needs. Funded by the White House to develop new strategies to combat online identity fraud, BioSig-ID users also report a 98% satisfaction level with its use.