Biometric Signature ID Becomes Member of National Standards Committee with North American Security Products Organization (NASPO)

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Dallas, TX, June 24, 2014  – Biometric Signature ID Corporation announced that it has been appointed as a member of NASPO’s National Standards Committee. NASPO is a non-profit member-supported organization that focuses on all aspects of security standards from definition to management and training of government organizations. NASPO certifies that providers of security documents, labels, cards, packaging, materials and technology, operate under an agreed-upon set of operational standards and security protocols.

The scope of the ANSI/NASPO IDPV national standard project requires the development of standardized:
a) identity proof and verification processes
b) requirements for information (evidence) to support identity establishment
c) implementation guidelines for a) and b)

Together, these standards are aimed at satisfying the needs or requirements of any individual or organization who must assess and manage the risk of potential impact caused by accepting a fraudulent or erroneous assertion of identity.

“BSI is proud to be working with NASPO and other committee members on developing these standards for remote and physical identity proofing and verification,” said BSI’s CEO Jeff Maynard. “Our experience with remote identity verification in over 60 countries across a wide range of applications and devices was one of the reasons we were asked to participate in this important work,” Maynard stated.

About Biometric Signature ID
Biometric Signature ID (BSI) is a Dallas-based software company. BSI software biometrics can determine if the registered user is the same user who attempts to access an account from a remote location, using any device. The patented process collects and compares a persons’ unique bio-signature created with just a mouse of a finger at log in. Biometrics such as direction, length, width, angel and speed of the person’s movements as they draw their log in password (usually a series of numbers of letters) can positively identify the account holder. The software called BioSig-ID™, provides the strongest form of identity verification on the market with a twist: no additional hardware is required. BSI was recently chosen by the White House to use BioSig-ID to prevent identity theft online by creating and managing a person’s virtual identity. This virtual identity will block imposters who otherwise would simply use your PIN/password to access your digital assets. Partnerships with Microsoft, AT&T, CA, AAMVA and the Virginia DMV, two issued patents and “New Product Innovation of the Year in North America” confirm this breakthrough technology. Successful independent testing for accuracy (99.97%) and a 98% user satisfaction rating, have contributed to exponential growth with nearly 2M uses in 60 countries and all states please visit BSI’s website

NASPO is an ANSI-accredited standards development organization based in Washington, DC. Its members include commercial, industrial, government and private organizations. NASPO maintains the ANSI/NASPO Security Assurance standard (ANSI/NASPO-SA-2008) and certifies organizations to one of three levels of security assurance. On behalf of ANSI, NASPO acts as secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Fraud Countermeasures and Controls (ISO/TC 247). NASPO also administers the ANSI-accredited United States Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 247 and ISO/PC 246, Anti-counterfeiting tools. For more information on NASPO, please visit their website,