BSI Joins ForgeRock Partner Program

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Biometric Signature ID has joined identity platform leader ForgeRock as part of its newly launched Trust Network partner program that provides existing partners with innovative solutions that complement ForgeRock technology. The new ForgeRock partner program was announced December 4, 2017. Launch partners for the ForgeRock Trust Network include biid, Biometric Signature ID, Callsign, Duo, Entersekt, FaceTec, HYPR, InAuth, iovation, Intensity Analytics, InWebo, Nok Nok Labs, NoPassword, ProxToMe, SecureAuth, VeriClouds, Winkk.

The partner program is designed to manage the entire identity ecosystem with proven solutions that can extend ForgeRock platform investment. Biometric Signature ID’s patented biometric identity authentication technology BioSig-ID is a smart biometric password.  Users draw the password with their finger or a mouse depending on their device. It only needs four characters to identity the real user and the solution stops imposters with 99.98% accuracy in tests.

Biometric Signature ID CEO Jeff Maynard said BSI saw the partnership as a growth opportunity and further recognition of the strength of BioSig-ID. “We’re very pleased to join the ForgeRock partner program. The Trust Network allows us to introduce our technology to a wider audience. Many CIOs are searching for multi-factor authentication solutions like BioSig-ID. Partnering with ForgeRock allows us to complement their technology.”

For more, ForgeRock Vice President Ben Goodman discusses the Trust Network Technology Partner Program at the ForgeRock blog.