Biometric Signature ID™ Awarded GSA Contract!

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Biometric Signature ID™, (BioSig-ID™) a leading biometric cybersecurity firm, is pleased to announce that they have been awarded GSA-MAS (Multiple Award Schedule, Contract (47QTCA22D000E), and are now certified to supply commercial goods & services organized in 3 Categories to the Federal Government: 511210; 54151; and OLM. Acknowledging the growth in federal spending through the GSA, Biometric Signature ID™ has listed their award-winning, UserID Authentication Software, BioSig-ID™; BioProof-ID™; and BioTect-ID™ on the government’s electronic ordering system GSA Advantage!®.

“This contract significantly opens up more markets in the country, affording us an opportunity to provide all federal branches access to our highly secure gesture biometric authentication technology,” states Jeff Maynard, CEO of Biometric Signature ID™. He adds: “The simple change from typing to writing your password prevents imposter log in to your devices and accounts and prevents theft. Users create a four-character password with their finger or mouse on a drawing pad that appears at log in on your device. As you create your password, your distinct biometric writing patterns including angle, speed, length, order etc. are compared to your initial enrollment template. If your unique pattern does not match, imposters are stopped from accessing devices and accounts. Writing four characters is all it takes to keep your data and records safe.Use BioSig-ID™ on any device, no software downloads, no additional hardware.”

BioSig-ID™ is a multi-factor authentication (MFA)solution that can be deployed at any layer to secure access to any content or asset. It includes a suite of forensic and reporting tools that detect fraud attempts and provide real-time warning of potential access crimes in progress.

BioSig-ID’s™ revolutionary technology relies on gestures, not static biometrics like finger or iris scans which present an ongoing privacy risk to user identity and data because they cannot be reset. Once stolen other biometrics are gone forever. Your biometric gesture-based password can be changed at any time, just like a normal typed password.

About Biometric Signature ID™:
Located in Dallas, TX., J C LADS Corporation, d/b/a. Biometric Signature ID™ is a leading developer of biometric authentication software using MFA technology. Rapid deployment, lightweight API, and affordable licensing, put BioSig-ID™ within reach of any company or governmental department that requires the highest identity assurance to secure its operations. Credential hacks are the single most vulnerable point of entry – BioSig-ID™ puts an end to that risk. Selected for the National Strategies for Trusted Identities In Cyberspace (NSTIC) -NIST/White House Initiative. Proven with over 60 million uses worldwide.

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Contact for Biometric Signature ID™: Tyler Weiland
Vice President of Business Development and Marketing


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