Biometric Signature Id Expands “Identity Authentication Before Access” Solutions Due To Customer Demands

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  • Biometric Signature ID (BSI) announces new customer demand in several new market sectors
  • As data breaches become an increasing threat, identity authentication before access needs increase

DALLAS, TX – September 20, 2019 – Today, Biometric Signature ID (BSI), the leading developer of software only ID authentication for web accessed accounts and devices, has announced its official launch into several new market sectors. Due to customer demand, BSI has begun providing ID authentication services into several new markets ranging from finance, virtual reality and aviation to lottery and gaming, corporate certification and device access authentication.

Beyond the biometrics component, BSI’s core technology incorporates AI and machine learning technology that continues to learn more about the user’s behavior with each interaction. This provides continuous and adaptive risk assessments to let clients know about the user in the account or network, not just at log in. Additionally, BSI’s suite of solutions require no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users with a 99.97% accuracy, by capturing their unique movements (gestures) as they draw a four-character password with their finger or mouse.

“Our entry into new market sectors signals that a long-awaited change is here and that organizations are finally starting to look at authentication beyond traditional pins and passwords,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO/Founder, Biometric Signature ID. “We’re starting to see the adoption of biometrics as a means of authentication before access across more industries. The key to success will be something that delivers ease of implementation and use, like BioSig-IDTM.”

As the threat of data breaches continues to grow, organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on biometric solutions to authenticate users before access. What makes BioSig-ID revolutionary is its ability to revoke access and reset like a typed password. This runs counter to most physical biometric solutions like your fingerprint, iris, face, palm, that are irreplaceable. If they’re stolen, there’s no reset button, no new set of hands or face. Some physical biometric apps are hackable, with directions online. This means criminals could use your physical biometrics to access your photos, videos, contacts, emails, or financial information on your phone. But the real danger is they can steal your biometric identity forever.

BioSig-ID eliminates that threat. It doesn’t rely on unchanging personal attribute like a physical biometric rather, it simply measures a behavior that can be easily replaced or revised by drawing a different series of numbers or letters and logging back in. It’s the only biometric solution in the world with this type of capability.

“This completely noninvasive technology protects your physical privacy like no other biometric can ever do, while retaining all the positive security benefits of biometrics,” said Maynard.  “When 48% of the first-time users find its “entertaining” you know you are on to something great”.

About Biometric Signature ID
Biometric Signature ID based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading developer of biometric ID authentication software solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA). The company’s patented core technology is its gesture biometric authentication technology BioSig-ID™. This solution requires no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users by capturing their unique movements (gestures) as they draw a four-character password with their finger or mouse. Just four drawn characters will biometrically identify legitimate users with 99.78% accuracy while stopping imposters who already know the password with 99.97% accuracy.

BioSig-ID can be deployed at any layer to gate access to any content or asset. It includes a suite of forensic and reporting tools using AI, that detects fraud attempts and provide real-time warning of potential fraud in progress. For more information, please visit

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