Biometric Signature ID Publishes Latest Stats From 415,000 Users

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DALLAS, TX – February 13, 2020 – Today, Biometric Signature ID (BSI), the leading developer of the world’s first biometric password for web accessed accounts and devices, is pleased to announce the latest statistics from a sample of 6 clients where nearly 415,000 users protected themselves and authenticated their identity remotely on multiple devices using our secure gesture biometric solution BioSig-ID.

Using BSI’s proprietary AI forensics, the company tabulated the number of manual help-desk requests generated for password resets amongst its pool of users. According to Manage Engine, -30% of time is wasted in an organization waiting for a password reset ticket to be solved, while rates of password resets volume usually represent 30-40% of all call volume. However, BSI found less than 0.07% of all users requested a password reset after having validated more than 8.8M times.

“We are very excited about these latest outstanding statistics.  With these astonishing low rates of help-desk calls, we are saving our clients significant time and costs. Perhaps the biggest savings are from the positive user experiences and increased productivity. Surveys with first-time users confirmed a 98% positive experience with 48% finding use of BioSig-ID was “Entertaining” said Jeff Maynard, CEO and Founder, Biometric Signature ID. “Our AI also picks up “Risk signals” in real-time from human biometrics and non-human patterns to identify impostors both at login and during the session”.

As a general rule, password resets provide a quick and easy way to determine whether the solution/technology you are using is being well received/used by the user group. BioSig-ID’s extremely low level of resets demonstrates that the technology is extremely easy to use and understand. BioSig-ID is the only biometric you can draw that does not require a smartphone as a factor and can be used on all devices. Learn how this biometric is shaking up the market to verify ID and secure access to devices, accounts, networks, exams.

About Biometric Signature ID
Biometric Signature ID based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading developer of biometric ID authentication software solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA). The company’s patented core technology is its gesture biometric authentication technology BioSig-ID™. This solution requires no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users by capturing their unique movements (gestures) as they draw a four-character password with their finger or mouse. Just four drawn characters will biometrically identify legitimate users with 99.78% accuracy while stopping imposters who already know the password with 99.97% accuracy.

BioSig-ID can be deployed at any layer to gate access to any content or asset. It includes a suite of forensic and reporting tools using AI, that detects fraud attempts and provides real-time warning of potential fraud in progress. For more information please contact us today!

BSI Media Contact: Tyler Weiland | | (972) 571-7834