BSI Presents Results Of Case Study Where They Performed ID Authentication For Users In Over 500,000 Courses

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Online courses need to offer security by confirming the user is who they say they are. Many associations are increasingly looking to provide online courses for their members to provide added flexibility and lower costs. The two-year case report presented results at the ICE conference on the introduction of gesture biometrics for ID authentication for over 100,000 association members. These members were required to complete continuing education credits to enable their renewal certifications. Before access to course materials, quizzes and tests, members had to authenticate their identity using BioSig-ID. This amounted to millions of authentications completed.

As part of the case study, BSI looked at the number of help desk calls and reported an astonishingly low level of less than 1%. This meant that users had very little difficulty in using the software. Results from the machine learning and AI technology used to help identify cases of atypical behavior(s) usually associated with contract cheating were also presented as part of the study. In several instances, BioSig-ID’s technology provided enough detailed evidence to identify and prosecute individuals engaging in fraudulent activity.

BioSig-ID offers a “Draw your password -Don’t type it” solution that is used on any device. Users draw a 4-character password using their finger or mouse and the unique drawing patterns create your personal password template that is compared to all subsequent log-ins. BSI’s proven software requires no additional software downloads or special hardware and has been used over 15M times to establish user credentials online. “ BioSig-ID is creating a new frontier in credentialing of individuals within the online space, via our patented secure ID authentication using gesture biometrics ” Jeff Maynard, CEO/President  Biometric Signature ID. “Our ability to continuously verify at any time throughout a test or course makes BioSig-ID a real game-changer”

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