Finovate 2018 New York Presentation

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jeff maynard
BSI CEO Jeff Maynard

Biometric Signature ID has been chosen to participate to Finovate 2018 New York this September 24-26 to present BioSig-ID technology to an audience of over one thousand finance and banking executives, venture capitalists, press, analysts and entrepreneurs. CEO and BSI founder Jeff Maynard and Chief Technical Architect Chad Steen will demo BioSig-ID tech in a seven minute presentation.

BioSig-ID is ideally suited for banking and finance. Its biometric multi-factor authentication can be used for external client portals and internal networks to secure any asset with pinpoint access control, as well as lock down any Windows workstation, tablet, laptop or mobile phone. BioSig-ID goes beyond access control with embedded anti-fraud tools that use predictive modeling to warn of potential fraud behaviors in real time that offer actionable intelligence to help keep sensitive financial data safe and out of the hands of criminals.

Finovate 2018 New York features exciting new technologies. As financial corporations increasingly move to the cloud, security is paramount. Whether facilitating digital payments, online lending or transmitting investment and banking data, the search is on for an easy to deploy multi-factor solution that will meet user demands for speed, ease of use and privacy protection.

Biometrics have always been the gold standard of authentication but their benefits come with a certain amount of risk. Financial entities assume responsibility for sensitive body data of their users. BioSig-ID’s exciting gesture biometric – a smart password users draw to identify themselves – provides a needed alternative to physiological biometrics like fingerprints and faces. These can never be changed and are always vulnerable to theft. As hackers increasingly target the cloud and data-in-transit with sophisticated techniques, BioSig-ID provides a singular alternative. Its password can be reset in moments and even if it were to be stolen, it can never compromise identity because it’s dynamic, not static.

Curious about BioSig-ID? You can take a sneak peek now.