Mobile World Congress Americas BSI Exhibit

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BSI will exhibit at this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles September 12 – 14, 2018. The BSI booth will present BioSig-ID smart password technology to a diverse group of industry professionals, press and technology experts.

BioSig-ID technology powers BSI’s device lockdown product BioTect-ID which locks any HTML 5 Windows device using the company’s twice patented biometric password. BioTect-ID provides enterprise access management that can be deployed rapidly, and offers security combined with a smooth, frictionless user experience.

The Biometric Signature ID exhibitor booth offers conference attendees a chance to interact with BioSig-ID. Using touchscreens, they can take the password challenge and try to defeat a long-running contest which invites people to try to duplicate a 3 letter password: Mom. Thousands of people have tried, but no one has succeeded to date.

Mobile World Congress Americas is a thought-leadership conference with influential speakers and groundbreaking technology displays. It is attended by executives, mobile device manufactures, technology vendors and content developers. This year’s themes focus on innovation, networking, policies and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”