BSI Named Top 10 Multi-factor Solution Provider

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Biometric Signature ID was named to Enterprise Security Magazine’s 2018 Top 10 Multi-factor Solution Provider list. As demands for cybersecurity continues to grow, Enterprise Magazine advocates for a multi-level defense against crime. The 2018 multi-factor solution provider list identified technologies that present a less invasive approach to authentication with emphasis on behavioral monitoring. The magazine notes that biometrics like fingerprints and voice require separate platforms and moving to global multi-factor authentication can help reduce those costs. Though BioSig-ID is a biometric, it does not require hardware or software downloads so costs are already low in relation to other identity technologies.

“Now is the right time for enterprises to consider using multi-factor authentication for their businesses,” according to the accompanying article with the list announcement.

Also included on the Top 10 Multi-factor Solution Provider list were leading companies like Ping Identity, Okta and SecureAuth. BSI appreciates the company we keep on the list as well as being named to this prestigious list.

Read the interview with BSI CEO Jeff Maynard.