BSI Automated Proctoring Solves Cheating and Privacy Concerns

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BioSight-ID has arrived. This privacy sparing proctoring technology does not use your face, or other personal biometrics to tell us who you are. The benefit of this breakthrough is huge, as privacy is the leading complaint and reason for push back from students and faculty.

Our technology uses Face Anonymization (FA) to protect user information. Using any web cam, we locate your face and put a frame around it. Using blurring technology, any distinguishable facial features are hidden. Our solution technology and patented AI catches if a face is always present and flags any infractions such as:

  • If other faces appear
  • If there is use of other devices
  • If there are elevated levels of noise
  • If the student averts their eyes to the side or down
  • PLUS much more

Why is this an exciting breakthrough?

Three reasons:

  1. BioSight-ID is now integrated with BioSig-ID our premier software that is used to authenticate student identity before granting access to the exam. Used the world over, it has verified identity over 16M times, adjudicated millions of tests, exams, discussion threads, paper submissions, etc. BioSig-ID’s simple draw your password with your finger or mouse design verifies it’s you based on your unique drawing patterns – NO access to the exam = NO cheating!!!
  1. BioSig-ID verifies identity before any adaptive release assessment and is used throughout the course to gate access. Now, with BioSight-ID integrated, we can take care of those exams where you want to monitor students without a human proctor present. BioSig-ID gates access to any assessment and BioSight-ID monitors students during exams. It’s a one-two punch that works!
  2. But how do you support the decisions about cheating students? Enter in our award-winning AI forensics. We have a dedicated team that is assigned to your account that finds and supports in graphic details the cheating that has taken place. It has taken us years to perfect this AI so you have to experience it to believe it!

A quick word about the competition 

  • Live remote proctoring is now taking a back seat to automated proctoring. COVID-19 proved that reliance on people as proctors is not the future – It’s A New Day And Live Remote Proctoring Needs A Face Lift. Here’s Why:
  • Many traditional proctoring companies are running into serious issues because of their far reaching privacy policies for collecting student data. Some clients unknowingly permit these companies to  sell or make student data available to third parties. This could make the students the product. First reported in the Washington Post in March 2020, and then summarized in FIRE publication for students rights, March 26, 2020 by Adam Steinbaugh  – Proctor company threatens UC Santa Barbara faculty over criticism during coronavirus crisis ((NOTE: Biometric Signature ID company does not sell or share any student information)
  • Automated proctoring is technology only and is a winning formula in today’s environment. BUT most of the companies that offer this technology are still collecting faces, fingerprints, knuckles, recording all audio and video of students, storing your drivers’ license and asking for environmental scans of the students’ room and potentially selling student data to third parties. (BioSight-ID does not do this!). These are all bad from the perspective of privacy, creepiness, data protection and a host of other issues outlined in this article – New Virtual Proctorless Solution- BioSight-ID Replaces Live Remote Proctors  

Oh, last important consideration is Cost. Generally. the combination of BioSig-ID and BioSight-ID cost less than all the others. If our competition is having a sale give us have an opportunity to match the price PLUS an extra 5% off!!!

About the company:
For years Biometric Signature ID (BSI), has been a market leader in student ID authentication. Our patented biometric password BioSig-ID, has adjudicated identity so only the registered student gets access to millions of exams, tests, quizzes, paper submissions in 95 countries!  NO access = NO cheating. The simple change from a typed password to drawing a 4-character password prevents impostor log in.

BUT NOW – You can choose the combination of products you need. We have it all.

  • BioSig-ID – 4 character patented biometric password to assess identity
  • BioSight-ID – New automated proctoring with fantastic unique benefits
  • BioProof-ID – Determines authenticity of student documents and verifies identity

With our proven approach to authenticating access to millions of exams,1,000’s of cheating students caught and our Face Anonymization proctoring we can help you safeguard privacy, ensure accreditation and prevent cheating!

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