Have You Heard About The Only Biometric You Can Draw?

Reading time:2 mins

Many types of biometrics exist. At last count over 25 physical and behavioral biometrics are used for different use cases. How do you know which one is suitable for you? As a start consider an earlier post on the Top 10 Tips in selecting a Biometric. https://biosig-id.com/selecting-a-biometric-heres-our-top-10-tips-for-success/

Now it’s time to peel back the onion and discuss some unique properties of one biometric that has moved up the usage ranks quickly because of social/environmental pressures and other competitive product deficiencies. The newest player is a behavioral/gesture biometric called BioSig-ID™ developed by Biometric Signature ID Corporation (BSI).

  • It requires no additional hardware/ software downloads
  • Authenticates users by capturing their unique movements (gestures) as they draw a four-character password
  • Can biometrically identify legitimate users with 99.78% accuracy while stopping impostors who know the password at 99.97% accuracy
  • Can be used on any device using a finger, stylus or mouse

BioSig-ID requires a one-time enrollment where you draw a 4 character password consisting of letters, numbers shapes or any combination. This forms a biometric template from the user’s distinct gestures like angle, speed, length, width and more.

  • All future logins are compared to this template
  • BioSig-ID keeps learning and modifying your drawing patterns (via machine learning) to maintain an accuracy that is 300% beyond NIST biometric standards
  • Provides biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security without the need of a smartphone (using personal phones is now becoming an issue)
  • Gates access to any content, account, device or web-based app
  • AI Forensic and reporting tools detect fraud attempts at both log-in and during the session

BioSig-ID’s gestures and password characters can be changed at any time – no other biometric in the world can be reset like this. Replacing your password is a simple re-enrollment. The lack of this re-enrollment feature, for example, presents an ongoing privacy risk to user identity and data when using physical biometrics.

Rapid deployment, lightweight API and affordable licensing put BioSig-ID within reach for any company or institution that requires the highest level of identity assurance to secure its operations. Multiple applications developed with BioSig-ID™ stops impostor log-in and sharing of passwords to reduce the liability of identity theft and fraud in real-time.

A recent analysis of 417,000 users who protected personal and corporate assets by authenticating their identity found:

  • Multiple devices were used to draw passwords and authenticate user’s identity
  • Less than 0.07% requested password resets even though they completed 8.8M authentications

These astonishing low rates of help-desk calls save clients significant time, costs and increased productivity from positive user experiences.  BioSig-ID can authenticate identity before access to devices, accounts, networks, tests, pre-licensure and certifications. With accuracy comparable or better to other biometrics, a 98% satisfaction rate, AND the elimination of hardware and software downloads, BioSig-ID is the future of MFA.

Call for demonstration or draw your own biometric password at www.Biosig-id.com