New Automated Proctoring Solution Offers Unique Benefits

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We couldn’t wait anymore. The continued use of remote live proctoring is bad news –  Virtual Proctoring and Passwords – at the end of their useful life?

We analyzed the shortcomings of current solutions on the market and developed BioSight-ID, an automated proctoring solution that offers major improvements in the following areas:

  • Privacy minded: We use picture frames and blurred faces, so identity is not enabled! This avoids huge costs and liability issues with the collection of faces, knuckles, fingerprints, keystrokes your vendor collects.
  • 24×7 availability– no need to schedule in advance
  • No software downloads. Users don’t like this as it may contain malware.
  • Use on multiple devices and LMS’s.
  • NO LIVE proctors.
  • Flat rate pricing + no use fees all you can eat.
  • New features like audio, and a secure browser environment are available.
  • Real-time reports of cheating for faculty.
  • Individualized student details on surrogates use.
  • Outsource to our internal expert team all data analysis (we do all the work).
  • Beta version costs when combined with Bio-Sig-ID of $2.00/student/year

For years Biometric Signature ID (BSI), has been a market leader in student ID authentication. Clients benefit by having access to our unique AI algorithms that measures cheating activity in real-time. This allows administrators to track fraud across courses, departments and semesters, while also looking at individualized students and their use of surrogates who are doing the work for them.

Our other business solutions work in concert with each other to form a powerful union for our clients:

BioSig-ID, our patented biometric password, has adjudicated millions of exams, tests, quizzes, paper submissions worldwide so that only the registered student gets access!

BioProof-ID provides extra assurance to verify user identity required by some during enrollment. Users take a front and back cellphone picture of their gov’t issued ID and a selfie, to determine the authenticity of the student and their documents. Once authenticated, students then create BioSig-ID, their 4-character drawn password that opens any future assessment by confirming identity.

BUT NOW – You can choose the combination of products you need. We have it all.

  • BioSight-ID – New automated proctoring with fantastic unique benefits
  • BioSig-ID – 4-character patented biometric password to assess identity
  • BioProof-ID – Determines the authenticity of student documents and verifies their identity

We understand your frustrations with live remote proctors. Give us a call and get the fix you are looking for with these designer solutions to safeguard privacy, ensure accreditation and prevent cheating. Rest easy knowing your pain and high-costs will be gone with BSI!!

Call us (972) 571-7834 or Schedule a demo to learn how we can help you avoid privacy issues and catch cheaters!